Make Money While Using Facebook

ByMakeWayDigital | Category: Social MediaPosted on: Sept 05th 2017

Is that true??? I didn’t even think of it.

But how?

It’s been very long using facebook and I am still not aware that I can earn money while adding a friend, liking or reacting on a picture, sharing a post, commenting on a post, sending a message or following someone on facebook.

But I am eager to know how can I do this? Is it easy for me as not a very much tech savvy person?

Yes, it is. Actually it is for such a person like you.

If you can earn extra money in your free time connecting with your friends then nothing can be better than this.

Let us see how can we do this.

We can do this in four ways basically:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sell your own products or services
  3. Blog/Website
  4. Facebook Adverts

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (What is Affiliate Marketing?) is one of the best revenue generators in the field of digital marketing. Most of the digital marketers earn their more than 50% revenue from affiliate marketing.

You can think that how powerful way it is to earn money digitally.

You can  become an affiliate partner (How to become an Affiliate Partner) of a company like Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMytrip, Yatra, Commission Junction(CJ) and many more  and once a sale is made through you they will pay you commission.

After becoming an Affiliate partner of a company you will get links for products /services. You just need to post these links on your Facebook page or group.

Once a friend or follower of yours clicks on the link, reaches the affiliate website and shop anything, you are going to get money.

It is tracked by the affiliate company that you have driven the person to make traffic and sale on their website and in return they pay you commission.

Sell Your Own Products/Services

If you sell books and stationaries or if you have a sweet, cake and pastry shop or if you have electronic gadget or mobile phone shop, if you sell toys and games for children or sell auto parts/accessories or provide computer repair services, or have car wash/service station station, if you sell cosmetic items or have a beauty parlour, or if you are a professional like doctor, engineer, lawyer, Chartered accountant, interior or fashion designer or anything you can post it on facebook.

If a friend or a follower of yours on facebook likes, shares or comments on this it will show on their friend’s facebook profile and in this way it would be popular among more and more people and that is going to boost your business.

Make sure, when you post your products/services on facebook post it with attractive offers/discounts or in such a manner that viewers are attracted towards it. Because if it is not attracting viewer’s attention they are not going to like, comment or share on it.

It is one of the easiest ways now a days to post your business on facebook because everyone now a days is on facebook and it takes just a little amount of effort and time with no investment cost to grow your business.

So go and post your products/services on your facebook page or profile today.



Blog and website are both same as they both provide web info about something but a bit difference is website is of a company, firm or organization on the other hand blog is a particular niche (like about computers, automobiles, fashion, pet etc.). Want to make a Blog? It’s easy.

You can post your website/Blog’s link on facebook.

In this way if someone from your friend/follower’s list clicks on the link, he/she will be redireted to your website/Blog. And once they come to your website/blog your work starts here.

The person who came to your website/Blog is somehow interested in your product/services or your niche. It is like a customer has come to your shop to buy.

Now its your duty to retain the customer and make a sale to earn benefit. How to retain a customer coming to your Blog/Website?


Facebook Adverts

As you can see in the picture Facebook adverts provides you the freedom to choose your audience as per your business and interest. Your ads will be appearing to those people’s facebook whom you have chosen.

Now go to Facebook and login to your profile and make a Facebook Advert account.

Check the article How to create Facebook Adverts?

Now you are on News Feed section of facebook. On the rght hand side you can see ads would be appearing most of the times. This is the ads section where your ads appear.

If someone clicks on the ad he/she will be redirected to your website or blog.

A person on facebook only clicks on your ad if it is something interesting or you provide amazing deals or offers.


Any questions if you have put it in comments, e-mail me or put it in the forum. I check it on a daily basis and I make you sure about the way to resolution.

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Thank you for reading.



In the next article we will discuss about What is Affiliate Marketing?





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